Family and Relationship Property

Areas of Expertise
  • Relationship Property Agreements/ Separation
  • Contracting Out Agreements for New Relationships
  • Court Applications for the Elderly under the PPPR Act
Use Mary at  Taradale Law
  • Mary is located in Taradale for your convenience
  • She has over 25 years experience
  • Mary will help resolve matters not escalate them
  • Mary advice is solution based
  • If you want resolution not a fight then Mary is the lawyer to use
What Taradale Law will do for you  
  • Help you reach agreement with your ex partner/spouse or with your new partner
  • Draft document as how you agree to divide up property when you separate
  • File Court proceedings if agreement can’t be reached so the Court can make orders

It is not possible to give fixed fees when you are doing family work as the time and attendance on each matter can vary depending on what is at issue and how cooperative the other party is.
Marys charge out rate of $230.00 per hour and is reasonable given her experience in the area of legal work. Fees are usually paid at completion of the work or if it needs to be paid by instalment this can start right away. Mary will provide you with interim bills from time to time to keep you informed as to the costs being incurred.