Family Trusts

Areas of Expertise
  • Family Trusts
  • Management of Family Trusts
  • Estate Planning using Family Trusts
  • Residential Care Subsidy Applications
Taradale Law will provide
  • Over 25 years experience in drafting family trusts
  • Taradale Law is solution based
  • It is essential you manage your family trust once it is set up. Mary and her team are here to help you along this path.
What Taradale Law will do for you  
  • Mary and her team at Taradale Law deal with numerous trusts and Mary has drafted many trust deeds over the years. Each family have different needs when setting up a trust and Mary will be able to guide you through the steps making it understandable and taking into account your particular circumstances.
  • Taradale Law will provide you with a trust file so you can keep all your documents together.

If you wish to have your existing trust reviewed then you can do this with Mary, just call and make an appointment.
It is not possible to give fixed fees when setting up a trust. It usually costs around $2,500.00 to set up a trust and transfer the family home into the trust plus all the associated documents required.
Mary's charge out rate at $230.00 per hour is very reasonable for this type of work and given her experience working with family trusts. Fees are usually paid at completion of the work.